The Martin Shortt Philosophy

Martin Shortt Auctioneer & Estate Agents have established a reputation for the professional and trustworthy manner in which we carry out our business through the dedication of our staff, which provides advice and assistance tailored to your needs.  Over the years, we find our customers returning for the honest and straightforward approach of our staff.

Treating the Customer fairly
Achieving the best value is always important, however, the cheapest is not always the best and our mission is to give you all the important information to help you make a decision on the right cover to meet the needs most important to you.

Our aim is to give the best advice and be fair and transparent and have no conflict of interest when advising our clients on which type of mortgage is best.
Foundation of Our Business
Since we opened our doors for business in 1989 our mission is to treat all our Customers with honesty, dignity and respect.   Whether requesting quotes or querying  existing business, our staff are keen to help and this ethic alone has had a major effect on the growth of the business.

Treating Customers Responsibly
By keeping the customer at the centre of our decision making it provides balanced solutions to the challenges faced in these changing economic times faced by both our customers and ourselves.

Gaining Trust
Our focus is always to keep our clients best interest at heart, rather than focus on a sale and provide a quality service to gain and build trust.   All of our customers are important and we look forward to continue to meet their needs and build strong relationships over the long term.

Driving Forces
Our main driving force is based around values, ethics and respect.  Our aim is to do the right thing and the right way every time with innovation and new concepts to try and help people.   Integrity, trust, quality, security and professionalism are our key principles.

Keeping Focused
Every time we give advice to someone,  we ask ourselves if this something we would do for ourselves and is it in the best interest of the client?

We aim to be fair, transparent and honest, have no conflict of interest and be responsible to our clients and customers - small things like returning a call, being on time and so on can make a big difference.