Top Tips for Sellers

Selling Your Property in Ireland – Top Selling Tips

Making Your Property Attractive to a Potential Buyer 
We’ve all seen the property programmes on TV on improving your home and getting your property ready for sale.  Sometimes, even the most minor changes such as making sure your house is spotless can have a dramatic effect.

Here is some sage advice on getting your property ready for sale:

Potential property buyers often try to get a feel for your home and try to imagine whether they would be happy living there or not.  With this in mind, you might want to consider the following:

“First Impressions Last”
First impressions last and it is important the exterior of the property, together with the garden, if there is one, should be presentable.  Make sure the first impression is a good one.

Declutter your home - wading through other peoples clutter can be off-putting to say the least.  Don’t expect your buyers to have the imagination to see what your home would be like without clutter.  Remove it to where it can’t be found!

If appropriate, walls should be freshly painted, carpets cleaned or replaced and there should be a general feeling of space so that intending purchasers can imagine their own possessions in the property.

Cleanliness, likewise, where a home is clean and tidy, the buyer can focus on his or her issues - room layout and size, the feel of the property and so on, without being distracted by unnecessary elements.

De-personalising your home is considered to be a good idea.  Remove personal items, family photos and children’s drawings.  These items might be important to you, but you want to make sure that the buyer is focusing on your property, not your prized possessions.

All minor repairs and maintenance should be carried out.  Buyers should not have to start figuring out the cost and nuisence of minor repairs.  This includes roofs and gutters and not forgetting kitchen units.  Often buyers will open cupboards to see the general repair of the property.

Having fruit and flowers in your home is a great idea to provide decoration and brighten up a room.

Try and create a warm and welcome feel to your home possibly by lighting a fire, soft music, lighting scented candles, this could make the difference between a sale and no sale.